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Jewellery for all sizes

I’m currently hard at work making jewellery for the Christmas craft fairs I have coming up in November and December and it’s got me thinking about sizes for things like rings.

It’s always difficult if you’re making jewellery on spec to know what size to make, so you tend to focus on those sizes that are most common among the standard population. But I know only too well that if you take a less common or ‘non standard’ size it can be incredibly frustrating trying to find pieces that fit perfectly (personally I have sausage fingers (no, really!) but I also have friends with very slim fingers who suffer just as much from this issue).

Even before I launched Tawbis Studios I had made the decision that I would charge the same price for the same piece of jewellery regardless of size but I realised this week that I hadn’t really said that clearly anywhere on this site or on my Facebook page.

So here you go:

I can make any of my pieces of jewellery in any size (so smaller or larger rings, longer or shorter necklaces etc) and will never charge you more for doing so!!!

The price will be determined by the design of the piece not by your measurements! For example, a ring made with 5mm wide silver will cost the same price for a size H as for a size Z+5. And yes, I do cover the full size range!

So if you’re coming to any of the craft fairs and you see a piece you like but I don’t have it in your size, or if you see something on here that you like, please please please just let me know!!!

Once I get the e-commerce functionality on this site set up properly you’ll be able to specify the size and design that you’d like but in the meantime just drop me an email or a message.

And I know at this point that some of you who do take a standard size will be wondering how that’s possible and if the price you’ll be paying will be subsidising the less common sizes but I’ll let you in to a secret: because all of my pieces are individually handmade, the difference in the cost of materials is actually very small, and while a size H ring may have less silver in it than a size Z+5 would have, the larger the ring the easier and quicker it is to make. So it all really evens out in the end – happy days!!!

So get in touch and let me make you that perfect, perfectly-fitting handmade piece of jewellery you need in your life right now!

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