Coronavirus update #3

Hi folks

Bet you're all sick of seeing that sort of headline from every company you deal with aren't you? But I did want to give you a quick update on some developments as the restrictions in the UK continue to have an impact.

We’ve been very fortunate up until now that our main materials supplier has remained open for online orders, but as of today they’ve made the (absolutely correct) decision to close their operation until at least the 27th April in order to better protect their staff. Some of our smaller suppliers are still operating but don’t stock the full range of supplies needed for most custom orders, and we expect that they may shortly make the same decision as well.

What this means is that, while we’re still open for business, we’ll only be able to supply items that are already made and on our shelves - we won’t be able to make any new custom or made to order pieces for the next wee while, unless we already happen to have the right materials in stock. That doesn’t stop you placing an order for a custom piece as we can still undertake the design consultation phase and get the piece costed up for you; there just may then be a slight pause before the materials can be ordered and the piece finished. We never take payment on custom orders until the design consultation phase is completed anyway so it shouldn’t have an impact in that respect and hopefully by the time we have a settled design things may be getting back to normal a bit.

We’ll be updating our website this evening and tomorrow evening to make it clearer as to which items are in stock - those items which are made to order will be temporarily marked as out of stock unless we already have the materials in the studio.

We’re also continuing to add new items using materials that had already been received, as well as creating listings for items that we already had in stock but weren't already on the website, such as these lovely aluminium, copper and brass cuff bangles that will be listed this evening, so please do have a browse around the online shop when you have a spare moment.

As soon as things start to get back to something approaching normality and we’re able to get supplies more easily again we’ll post a further update, but in the meantime I hope you’re all staying safe and well, and coping with home working, home schooling and whatever other challenges you’re currently facing.


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